Technology and Solutions

Infrastructure installation and communications

With a decade of experience, our tech experts are undoubtedly well trained and experienced in the installation of KVH VSAT Antenna and its accessories.

With a team that is skillful, prompt and expert, we strive for the betterment of marine VSAT communication, installation, commissioning and services related to VSAT systems on merchant ships internationally, offshore or inshore.

The range of aspects we cover.

  • Installation of antenna for KVH V7-HTS, V11-HTS, Iridium IOP, FBB 250/500
  • Cabling and termination of RF cables.
  • Commissioning of VSAT antenna
  • Connecting business network to VSAT
  • Installation of IT infrastructure

Our engineers’ experience stems from years of work and training in onboard ships, drydocks, island resorts and power plants. Our IT experts are all-rounders and are highly capable of doing tasks like installing the vessel network system designed as per the ship’s owner and all corresponding software associated with the vessel. We are driven by the development of cost-effective maintenance plans and quality performance.

Our experience ranges from all kinds of installation of Network Switch, termination of network cables, testing of old network systems and adapting to new installation, installation of Crew Wi-Fi or wireless routers and vessel computers.



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