Who Are We

We at Sailorcom solutions are a group of maritime experts in various sub streams of the business, ranging from machinery management, procurement, audit and inspections, maritime training, insurance placements, ship and cargo broking, navigation equipment, satellite communications and drydock management onboard vessels and ashore.

We utilize our broad range of services and experience to offer cost-effective, long-term solutions to ship/ asset managers. Our dynamic backgrounds, dedication and subject matter knowledge enables us to cater to the requirements of every customer. 

Our services are designed to focus primarily on the:

  • deliverables to our customers
  • insights of the best practices to strengthen operations,
  • boost organizational efficiency through Innovation.
  • creating a resilient business model.

What Makes Us Different?

Built on experience and technology, we come up with better solutions than our competitors thus serving our customers better. Our huge network of local and global vendors empowers us to get the best deals which we in turn pass on to the customer. our team comprises of members constantly upgrading their skills with the latest technology with respect to maritime and machinery management solutions.

Few more good reasons to work with us.

  • 1


    Our services are planned and executed with Safety at its core.

  • 2


    Constantly evolving to make our deliverables more sustainable towards our environment.

  • 3


    We differentiate ourselves from others by our constant strive for innovative approaches to solutions provided.

  • 4

    Customer focus

    You are our primary focus and all our solutions start with understanding your needs.

  • 5


    Well experienced team with good experience and a thirst to serve you better.

  • 6

    Cost effective

    Providing offshore operations and logistics with a competitive yet thrifty price in a few simple steps.

Our Story in Number

Taking you through our figures so that you can be assured your goods arrive at their destination on time. Also we ship your cargo in the best way possible.

Number or jobs done

We pride ourselves on the quality and quantity of the jobs carried out onboard vessels and facilities.

Trust us with risk assessment of your assets.

Ports covered

So far, we have worked with businesses spread across 25+ countries and territories.

We’re ready to partner with yours!

Satisfied Clients

We have worked with plenty of clients around the world and are looking to work with many more.

Hop on board!

Third party procurement orders

We have successfully procured and delivered machinery, spares and consumables cost effectively and timely.

Choose us as your delivery partners.

Our Client Testimonials

Support from you make us the best in this field

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